The Effortless Weight Loss Manifesto:

No more struggling. No more willpower. No more trying harder.

And absolutely no more shame.

Just effortless weight loss and life long results.

No matter how many years you've silently battled with weight loss, I can help you to break the cycle and finally get to the weight you want for life.

Meet Tara

Hi, I’m Tara,

The effortless weight loss coach.

I help women who struggle with emotional eating to get to their goal weight and stay there.

Discovering what makes you tick is a wonderful and fulfilling experience, and it's the key to getting you a body and life you love.

I'm here to prove to you that you can achieve your goal weight effortlessly, and maintain it for life.

I grew up in London, but I'm in Manhattan as I write this.

Naturally, I coach internationally!

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90 Days to Effortless Weight Loss

Does weight loss sometimes seem like a never-ending battle to you?

Have you been trying to lose weight for years with nothing to show for it?

Do you ever worry that you'll never reach your goal weight?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, this 90 day program is made for you.

Get one-on-one support from me to take you from fighting against your body, to effortlessly maintaining your goal weight.

You're here reading this because you're not happy with your weight. You probably doubt that you'll ever be at a weight that you can be happy with.

The truth is that you (yes, YOU) can achieve your goal weight and keep it for life. I don't care how much you've struggled with your weight in the past, I can show you how to turn it all around effortlessly.

If you find weight loss hard, you're doing it wrong.

You see, your weight loss has to be effortless. If it isn't you'll revert to old eating habits as soon as you experience stress in any other area of your life.

Why Work With Me?

I battled emotional eating, binge eating, and cravings for years before I discovered how to overcome them and I can help you do the same whether it's the occasional craving that throws you off track, or uncontrollable binging.

I've supported hundreds of other women struggling with emotional eating and helped them to lose weight and keep it off, and you're no different! You can lose the weight, and keep it off too — even if you've been stuck on a cycle of losing weight, and gaining it all back all over-again for years.

I understand that you need help NOW when you need it and I'm available to support you 7 days a week so you always get the help you need that same day.

I'm a certified nutrition coach, and dedicated nutrition geek committed to answering your nutrition questions and delighted to design a weight loss program specially tailored to your unique body and lifestyle.

I'm also a qualified personal trainer and I'm happy to give expert advise on the best exercise program to suit your goals so that you can get fit while you're losing weight.

I'll never tell you that you're not 'disciplined' enough, or that you just need to use more willpower because I've been there, and I know that discipline and willpower don't work long term!

I understand the psychological blocks that prevent people from losing weight, and I can work with you to turn yours around because weight loss is a hella'va lot easier without the inner saboteur breathing down your neck.

Once we create your weight loss plan, I'll lovingly hold you accountable to it, adapting it where needed and sticking with you through the good times and the bad.

I really care about you getting to your goal and will go the extra mile to help you in any way I can.

I only work with a small group of women at any one time to ensure that you get all of the personal support that you need.

During Our 90 Days Together:

You'll get all of the expert support you need to achieve your goal weight and maintain it.

  • In the 60 minute breakthrough session we'll get super clear on your goal, the costs, benefits, obstacles, and solutions to those obstacles so that you are 100% confident in your ability to commit to and achieve your goal.
  • In the next session I'll create a personalized weight loss plan for you (this includes both nutrition and fitness) and we'll tweak it as we go to ensure that it fits your needs and your lifestyle perfectly.
  • I'll coach you using advanced techniques to end emotional eating issues and overcoming binge eating while putting an end to cravings so that weight loss comes easily and the weight stays off once you've lost it.
  • Every session, you'll make incremental shifts in your mindset so that by then end of the 90 days, weight loss will be a natural side effect of who you are on the inside.

Your 90 Day Package Includes:

  • A 60 minute breakthrough session to get you started right away!
  • 9 coaching calls with Tara lasting 30 minutes each
  • 90 days of unlimited personal email support from Tara
  • Access to the private (and discreetly named) Facebook group exclusively for clients

What's The Alternative?

Get Gastric Bypass Surgery

Cost: $20,000.00—$25,000.00

- According to Time Magazine 60% of patients say they are satisfied with their surgery while 40% suffered serious complications requiring further treatment.

- Many patients go through a period of depression after their surgery because they are unable to use food to manage their emotions and typically receive little to no guidance on how to deal with them.

Have Full Body Liposuction

Cost: $20,000.00+

- Being left with lumpy areas of fat showing below the skin is common, and these deformities can be expensive to treat and almost impossible to completely repair.

- Liposuction is the single most revised cosmetic procedure because patients are so often dissatisfied with their results.

- It's not possible to have liposuction done on the fat below the abdominal wall. This fat is called visceral fat and it's the most dangerous type of fat to have in regards to your health. So liposuction does not deliver the same level of health benefits that natural fat loss would.

- It's painful. Liposuction isn't for the faint hearted.

- If you don't change your eating habits, you'll regain the weight.

Try DIY Dieting

Cost: Months and possibly even years of your time.

- The success rate of DIY dieters is less than 0.5% after 5 years of having lost the weight.

- Over 90% of DIY dieters regain the weight because of emotional eating.

- DIY dieters typically spin their wheels for years getting mediocre results (and those are the lucky ones who don't end up gaining back even more weight than they originally lost).

Work With a Nutritionist or Dietician

Cost: Hundreds of dollars, plus months and possibly even years of your time.

This is a great option, if you can stick with the diet plan or program and maintain the weight loss once you've achieved.

The problem is, most people can't because they haven't addressed the underlying reasons that they're overweight in the first place.

Without doing the work that it takes to end emotional eating, you will most likely regain the weight and have to start all over again.

See a Psychotherapist

Cost: Thousands of dollars, plus months and years of your time.

Working with a psychotherapist typically takes years and has a very low success rate.

You also get very little practical weight loss advise.

Also, notice that it's not uncommon to see obese psychotherapists.

Do Nothing

Cost: Immeasurable.

If you believe that the costs of achieving and maintaining your ideal weight are too great, I absolutely support you in your decision to choose to love your body as it is right now and stop trying to change it.

But, consider what the excess weight you're carrying costs you in all areas of your life.

How do those extra pounds influence your business or career success?
Would you be more confident, put yourself out there more, be more inclined to ask for that raise, or go for the big clients if you weighed less?

Have you ever considered that your excess weight could be costing you tens of thousands of dollars of unearned income every year?
According to a study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, 'very thin' women make an average of $41,000 more than 'very heavy' women every year.

How would your relationships be different if you were at your goal weight?
Like it or not, appearance is the first thing new couples judge each other on, even the ones who say appearance doesn't matter.

How is your excess weight affecting your health?
Does climbing stairs get you out of breath? Do you have an achy back or knees that you know would thank you for losing the weight?

What kind of example are you setting your kids if you have them?

It's important that you get super clear on the true costs of doing nothing.

The Not So Small Print:

By making this purchase, you are confirming that you have read, understood, and agreed to the terms of the coaching agreement.

Your Investment:

Just $5000 or three monthly payments of $1766.



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The Effortless Weight Loss Blog

cravings, binging, emotoinal eating

The REAL Cause of Cravings, Binging, & Emotional Eating

I struggled with cravings, binge eating, and emotional eating long before I even knew there was a name for this type of behavior.

It started when my parents were divorcing, when I was only 5 years old.

Having coached many other women on emotional eating, I know that these habits start young.

I only noticed that my eating habits were linked to stress and emotional issues when I found that I lost weight quickly and easily while I was aboard traveling, but when I got back home the stress of family issues and work had me gain weight quickly because of constant emotional eating — or binging if I tried to diet.

It took me years to discover and develop a few easy processes that stop cravings, emotional eating, and binging for good.

Once I really mastered these processes weight loss became effortless for me and I was able to get down to my ideal weight once and for all.

Let’s dive right in:

Aside from physical cravings (which I’ll address in a moment) cravings, binging, and emotional eating are all caused by one thing: The fear of feeling bad.

90% of diet relapses are caused by emotional eating making emotional eating a real problem for anyone trying to lose weight and it’s one of the major issues that I help my weight loss clients with.

Just this morning, a new client, Moneca, sent me this message:


“I had an experience today where I was angry. I was frustrated about something I had no control over and I realized that I started to think about food as a way of dealing with the feelings.” — Moneca


Luckily, she had the self awareness and the tools available to her to neutralize the craving. And the more practice she gets at neutralizing emotional cravings like this, the easier it will get for her.

Physical Cravings:

Of course, not all cravings are emotional. For example, you’ve probably experienced low blood sugar in the past (hypoglycemia).

Hypoglycemia happens when your blood sugar levels fall too low to provide your body and brain with the energy they need to function properly.

Because hypoglycemia can ultimately cause you to faint or put you in a coma, your body reacts by causing you to crave sugary foods.

There’s a simple physical fix for those who regularly experience low blood sugar levels, and it’s to do a two week fat adaptation phase (cut almost all starchy carbohydrates out of the diet for 14 days and force the body into a situation where it needs to get good at turning body fat into useable fuel).

This stops the body from being dependent on sugary and starchy snacks, and physical sugar cravings are no longer an issue.

There are other physical cravings for things like salt, healthy fats, minerals, and vitamins — if you find yourself craving salty fatty foods you may well need to add some butter, fish oil and some natural salt like Himalayan rock salt or Celtic sea salt to your diet.

Recognizing Emotional Cravings

Awareness is key.

You’ll know if you’re experiencing an emotional craving because ironically the urgency to eat will be higher and if you become aware of how you’re feeling you’ll notice strong but muted thoughts and emotions threatening to bubble to the surface at any moment.

Unfortunately, because the type of people who typically overeat for emotional reasons are so darn good at disassociating from their emotions, it can sometimes be hard in the beginning to differentiate between a physical craving and an emotional craving.

Your body speaks to you very honestly. If you’ll listen, it will clearly tell you what it needs without demanding from you.

Your fear demands, it pleads, it begs, it nags, it manipulates, and it does so with a desperate and persistent urgency.

Getting to the Root of Stress Eating:

Before we go into emotional eating in general, let’s look at a very specific type of emotional eating: Stress eating.

First, we need to look at what stress really is. You feel stressed when you fear something.

For example, if I’m stressed because I have a deadline to meet and I’m struggling to meet it, the root cause of the stress is the fear that I’m not going to be able to meet it . . .
and then my boss is going to be upset with me . . .
and then he’s going to give me bad marks in my yearly review . . .
and then I’m going to get fired . . .
and then I’m not going to be able to get another job . . .
and then I’m not going to be able to pay my mortgage . . .
and then we’re going to have to go on welfare and we’ll lose our house and everyone will look down on us.

This is called catastrophizing.

The best way to truly eliminate stress is to get super clear on the worst case scenario, and then make peace with it — be willing to experience it.

Once you do that, there is no longer anything to fear, and the stress naturally subsides.

Emotions that Trigger Emotional Eating:

You might be surprised to learn that it’s not only ‘negative’ emotions like sadness, anger, or stress that trigger overeating.

For some people ANY strong emotion (including excitement, happiness, positive anticipation) will cause them to panic because it’s taking them out of the emotional state that they spend most of their time in and feel safe and familiar with.

Trying to Disassociate from Emotions:

Disassociation is when you try to distract yourself from your own thoughts and emotions. You’re trying to numb out whatever it is that you’re feeling.

The problem is, you can keep eating and eating and eating, but the thought or feeing that you’re trying to escape from isn’t going to go away — until you listen to it.

Doing the Opposite:

The cure for wanting to use food to escape a feeling and disassociate is actually to turn around and do the exact opposite.

You need to ASSOCIATE with whatever it is you’re trying to escape.

You need to be willing to feel the feeling.

Interested in working with Tara? Click here to schedule a clarity call.